Clear Braces

Many of our patients at Spilsbury Orthodontics want to straighten their teeth, but are wanting to do it without drawing the attention to the braces that metal braces will. Clear braces are made out of a ceramic material that is similar in color to your teeth. Many teenagers and adults are interested in this treatment option because it is more discreet and still a cost effective choice in orthodontic care.

Caring for Clear Braces

It is important that when you choose clear braces, you care for them properly. When you don’t take the time for proper care, you can run into staining of the brackets which will end up drawing attention to them. You must stay away from or limit the use of substances that often cause staining such as coffee, and other foods and drinks that can cause staining. Brushing regularly is also an important step necessary to avoid discoloration.

Benefits of Clear Braces

The main benefits that comes with clear braces is the fact that they are invisible. You are able to maintain your usual appearance while you are straightening your teeth. Many of the patients at Spilsbury Orthodontics also say that clear braces are more comfortable than traditional metal braces as well. These two clear benefits make clear braces a popular choice among older patients including teens and adults.

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In order to make traditional braces less conspicuous, we offer clear braces at Spilsbury Orthodontics in Henderson, Nevada. These clear braces are less conspicuous than metal braces, while still retaining all of the advantages of traditional braces treatment. When you come to our office, our orthodontist will help you determine whether this option for straightening your smile more discreetly is best for your situation. Please contact Spilsbury Orthodontics today to learn more about clear braces and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Darrell Spilsbury.

Clear braces are a discreet, modern way to straighten your teeth. Clear braces work upon the same basic principles as traditional metal braces; they are designed to gently and gradually adjust the positions of your teeth to give you a straighter, more beautiful smile. We are pleased to offer clear braces to help you more aesthetically achieve the straight, healthy smile you deserve. Straightening your teeth has an obvious impact on the appearance of your smile, but did you know that braces can also improve your oral health? Straighter teeth are generally at a lower risk for tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other dental problems.

Clear braces have several benefits. First, they are nearly invisible. This allows you to maintain your normal appearance while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Gone are the days of having a “mouthful of metal” to gain a straighter smile! Whether you are a teenager who is conscious of your appearance at school or an adult who would prefer to maintain your professional appearance at work, clear braces are a great option. Second, our patients often find clear braces to be more comfortable than metal braces. To discover the advantages of clear braces for yourself, we welcome you to contact our skilled dentist today!

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